Client Testimonials

I enrolled in Amanda's 8-week Comprehensive Career Coaching Program to help me transition back into the workforce after working for myself for the past 8 years. Prior to working with Amanda, I felt lost and unsure of the right positions and lacked confidence in navigating a modern-day job search. Throughout the 8 weeks we worked together, I gained knowledge and confidence in delivering a strong elevator pitch, marketing myself, using LinkedIn, interviewing, and preparing for salary negotiations. By the time the program ended, I had generated 7 interviews and am currently awaiting my first offer. Amanda turned out to be an invaluable resource in my career transition and sincerely do not believe I could do this without her. - Jessica F, Event Planner/Communications Professional


I hired Amanda to help me find a new role after being laid off in November of 2018 and applying for many months without one interview. I was beginning to feel unsure of myself, a loss of confidence, and concerned due to the pressures of being a mom and supporting a household. Amanda helped me to completely revitalize my career search by becoming very clear on what jobs aligned to my career and life values. My confidence skyrocketed through developing an impressive elevator pitch, advancing my Linkedin skills, and preparing to nail an interview. She also revamped all of my career search documents which helped generate multiple interview invites by the end of the two months in working together. I am happy to say that I accepted a perfect role that provides more of a work-life balance, fulfillment, and a competitive salary. I would highly recommend Amanda.- Desiree J

I found Amanda Portillo on LinkedIn when I was beginning my job search feeling like a fish out of water. I needed help with updating my resume, getting set up on LinkedIn, cover letter etc.,and I felt that I had no idea how to search for a job in today's market. I had no idea how to write my resume so it would get past the applicant tracking systems so it would even be seen by an HR person. From our first conversation Amanda was positive, organized, confident and very personable. I immediately felt more confident that "I can do this". I purchased her whole program which consisted of 8 week online meetings, updated resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and coaching, which for me was so important. Every step of the way she built me up and gave me the tools I needed to complete this journey. I am happy to report that after completing her program I landed a great job, in my field of choice, and I start my new job next week! I would not be here without Amanda's professional support and guidance. I cannot adequately convey how much I recommend Amanda Portillo's program. - Laura D

After graduation from college I was having a difficult time getting into the swing of things with applying to jobs in my field. Amanda was my savior. She got my documents and online profiles in order and gave me a push in the right direction while applying. Amanda helped me keep going and push myself to apply for jobs that I thought I wasn’t qualified for. An outside and experienced perspective like hers was exactly what I needed in my job search. Before the end of the 2 month program I had a full time job in my field and a new confidence in my value to my workplace. - Olivia E

I wanted to let you know that I just accepted my very first position in Human Resources!  It was the first interview I received after having you update my resume and cover letter. I am so surprised how quickly everything went but is shows that the proper resume along with a clear and concise cover letter is so important and really is key!  - Stacey C

Amanda brings a warmth and positive light to her coaching that is both energizing and inspiring, I had the wonderful fortune to meet Amanda while seeking a resume and career coach. I felt miserable and stuck in my current position and industry and had been job searching for almost a year with little hope left. During our first session I was blown away by how much time and thought she had put into personalizing my plan. Amanda took the time learn my strengths and my career hopes, and to truly connect with me on a personal level before crafting a strategy that could not have been more perfect. Amanda quickly determined how to improve my presentation through my resume and cover letter, and strategically market myself thorough social networking. She provided me with exactly what I needed to get unstuck and build my confidence to explore new possibilities. As a result of our work together, I found the courage to make major changes in my life. Two months after our initial conversation, I accepted my perfect position with the most incredible organization. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is exploring a different professional path and wants a fresh perspective and support to make a change! - Alexia K

After 15 years working with my current company, I was jumping back into the job market and wasn't sure how to start getting my resume ready. I hired Amanda to help revamp my resume and she did a fantastic job! Within a month, I had interviewed with over 10 companies, and received 2 job offers. I accepted one, and will be starting on the next leg of my career just 2 months after I started the job search process. I have to say, even I was surprised at the speed with which this happened. I heartily recommend Amanda without any reservation! - Sarah I. Controller


I hired Amanda to revamp my Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile. She took my existing resume, which was okay to start, and made it outstanding! Her process was easy and quick. Her expertise at asking questions to draw out the details elevated my resume to the next level. I now have a renewed confidence to apply for jobs that I would have considered out of my reach. Friends and colleagues are so impressed with my new LinkedIn profile and want to know "who did that for you?" I would highly recommend Compass Career Directions to anyone who would like to stand out from the competition. - Celeste Z. Creative/Retail Project Manager


Amanda is a friend. She doesn't just write resumes or cover letters. She invests time in helping you understand your career goals and aspirations. She has no quick answers because career is not a simple matter. She is more interested in helping you find the true value in yourself as a unique individual than just be a commodity in today’s labor market. She is a friend who genuinely puts effort in utilizing her knowledge, wisdom and wealth of information to put and keep you on course to a legitimate career path. Ted Q, Supply Chain/Logistics Leader


Amanda was a fantastic resource when I decided to give my resume materials an update for the purpose of pivoting my professional focus. She was responsive, thorough and insightful in her interaction and the service provided was top notch. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to revamp and refresh their resume materials. - Andrew C, Attorney


Hi Amanda, I wanted to let you know I applied for two inside sales manager positions Wednesday and first one they reached out 17 minutes after I hit submit. The second about an hour later. Had 2 phone interviews today and both want to move forward with 2nd interviews. Thank you so much for all your help. I will sing your praises and refer anyone that is looking for resume help to you. Norma E.

Amanda did a phenomenal job in revamping my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I saved a lot of time and worry for a very reasonable price and opted for the three in one package. I feel it was well worth it and now feel very confident in pursuit of exciting opportunities thanks to her professional documents and recommendations. Thank you! - Jessica G., Billing Operations Professional

Amanda did an amazing job revising my resume, LinkedIn profile and creating a cover letter. She listened and was able to rebrand me for my next career. She is affordable and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone! - Rosalind S., Community Engagement Professional

Amanda is amazing at what she does! She took my resume and LinkedIn profile to a whole new level, easily from a 5 to a 10. I am so impressed with her work and would recommend her to anyone looking for an updated resume. Thank you so much Amanda for all your help. Norma E., Healthcare Administrator


​Amanda wrote me an amazing resume and cover letter. After struggling trying to put all of my accomplishments into a clean and professional resume, Amanda exceeded my expectations! I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone who needs assistance in this area. She was very punctual in getting my resume to me in time. Thank you so much! - Elisa C. Future Graduate


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amanda for many years and her experience and professionalism is exceptional. Amanda’s knowledge of the job market and vast experience with resume and cover letter advice and guidance is first class material. I highly recommend Amanda and look forward to working with her again

- Paul W. Assistant VP. Performance Measurement Analyst 


Highly recommend! I connected with Amanda via PRO finder and her price was affordable, she was responsive, thorough, and my resume and cover letter are something I am very confident with now. The interview guarantee that she offers cannot be beat, I had nothing to lose. - Alexia A, Lab Manager


Amanda is excellent at what she does. She has not only helped me build my resume, but she has also helped me edit it and add to it throughout the years. She has also helped me write a cover letter which landed me a promotion/title change at my current job. I started working with Amanda over 6 years ago, so I know her skills have only advanced over the years. If you are looking for help with your career path I highly recommend Amanda. - Diana D, Librarian


Working with Amanda was, in a word, awesome. She's an extraordinary listener, a master wordsmith, and a professional of the highest caliber. What's really outstanding about Amanda is the confidence she left me with after being her client. Her knowledge and insight helped me understand MYSELF better, and how I can best present my story and my background when approaching potential employers. I worked for the same company for nearly a decade, and after a brief stint outside of the corporate world I am looking to break back into it. Amanda has equipped me with the tools and self-possession to feel great about doing that, for which I am deeply appreciative. I cannot recommend her and her services enough. - Brad F, Instructional Designer


Amanda is amazing!!! Once I passed my boards four years ago I reached out to her and she worked her magic, as a new graduate nurse I was shocked by how many calls and interviews I received. I know that my resume and cover letter were to thank. I recommend her without any hesitation!!! - Nicole B, RN


Amanda is very detailed and patient listener to the needs of the client. She helped me re-model the profile and have a future-bulid approach to my existing profile that has created a bridge in contributing to various industries. I highly recommend professionals to view Amanda as a The Career Coach to millennials and shaping the future of generations to come. - Amyn S, Disaster Management Professional


I had the pleasure of working with Amanda as I was exploring a transition from entrepreneurship to the corporate world. She is a phenomenal support person. She is patient, insightful, open-minded, solutions oriented, and an incredible listener. During a period that can feel stressful for many, Amanda offers the emotional and intellectual support that is required to be efficient and proactive during a job search. Her attention to detail whether it be for interview outfits, or resume criteria is top notch. During my work with Amanda, my career focus shifted as she helped to illuminate what atmosphere I would truly be suited to. It was invaluable to have her support and objective point of view. - Becca S.


I am so glad I contacted Amanda at before I purchased a resume writing service from a large online company. The attention, detail, and time Amanda put into my resume helped me land a job right after I received the finished copy. Amanda knows how to bring the best out of people, keep on time, and produce great results. I actually received another call for an interview while writing this! As a newly graduated Registered Nurse, Amanda provided me a tailored resume that would have cost me hundreds somewhere else. I would highly recommend Amanda’s work for anyone looking to advance their career. - Alex G, RN


Amanda was an invaluable source of support and expertise for me as I explored a work transition. She was adaptable to my personal needs and feedback, listened closely to my ideas and needs and delivered them back to me in the form of actions and insights. She's straightforward, authentic, sincere and hardworking, and an excellent resource for resume writing and other job hunt docs. - Olvia C.


Amanda prepared my resume. Everything from start to finish was extremely professional and proficient. The first impression an Employer has of you is your resume. Amanda did an amazing job at making my resume stand out from all the others and my skills. I can’t say enough about how happy and pleased I have been with the results I have gotten. I continue to work with Amanda in keeping my resume up to date with any new skills or positions that have come about. Highly recommended! - Karen S.


I am very pleased with the final resume I received. My experience with Amanda has been outstanding. The ease of working with her and her attention to every detail was spot on. I have recommended her to several friends of mine and will continue to utilize her in the future! - Kristy, Graphic Designer