Amanda Portillo

CEO & Founder

Job Search & Business Launch Strategist  Pro Resume Writer

I have found that nothing worth achieving comes easy. Every one of my personal and work setbacks was secretly preparing me to create a business that empowers job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs to move forward!


I began writing resumes back in 2009 when I was just beginning my career in Social Work. I found myself in career services, the DTA office in Salem, MA, where I helped clients find jobs that provided financial independence. I suddenly became a resume writing machine and realized that freelance resume writing would provide me with extra income. It became my “side hustle” before side hustling was a thing and then BOOM, ASP Employment Support was born!


You know what else was born around that time? My daughter, Layla. Two years out of college and I became a mom. Motherhood was always a big dream and goal but it wasn’t something that I was prepared for at that age. However, becoming a mom lit a fire under me like none other to create a life that she deserved and one that I could be proud of too. 


When Layla was 2, I made the decision to pivot my career from Social Work to HR. I made the investment to pursue my Master’s Degree in Human Resources, took on “HR” responsibilities in my Social Work roles, and applied for entry-level positions to solidify a career path in HR. It wasn’t easy managing full-time work, a Master’s program, writing resumes, and having a toddler but I was determined to have a career that provided me with fulfillment, development opportunities, and increased salary potential. 


So then I was in Talent Acquisition/HR!  I worked at some world-renowned companies such as State Street Bank, Sanofi, and Iron Mountain and was actively involved in the hiring of hundreds of employees. Career advancement allowed me and my husband to make some great financial decisions which enabled us to become 4X homeowners in 8 years. We also had another child in 2015, Angelo.


Despite these successes, I have faced many battles that opened my eyes to tools and methods that I never knew prior, specifically the importance of self-awareness mindset. I became a personal development junkie starting in my young 20s. I discovered the book, The Secret, where I first came to understand that our thoughts have a direct impact on our outer reality and the good news is, we have the power to change them! Committing to developing a positive relationship with myself has been a life-long journey to say the least but I am confident that these personal challenges have helped me become a more effective coach.


Reading this, you may be wondering why I took the leap to leave my very stable, secure career to launch a business on my own. Well here are a few reasons.


  1. I was ready to admit to myself that I am truly an entrepreneur, not an employee.

  2. I realized that my purpose (although I believe we have many) was to help people improve their professional lives. I could not fulfill my potential due to the restraints of my cubicle and corporate lifestyle.

  3. I was already immersed in the resume writing field and knew the demand and career potential.

  4. I realized that if I can succeed in motherhood while being very unprepared, being my husband’s advocate to overcome a significant immigration case for 6 years, purchase multiple homes, and overcome mental health issues, I think I could handle giving entrepreneurship a try.  What’s the worst that could happen, right?


So here I am today and it seems that I made the right decision. Since launching Compass Business &Career Directions in January 2019, I have helped over 350 clients acheive their goals.  I also teach my clients that the foundation of success is dependent upon our mindset, our relationships with ourselves, and commitment to change.  I know what it is like to be a job seeker, an employee, a hiring professional, and an entrepreneur. I know what it is like to feel like there is more in store for me and having the audacity to go out and find it. 

Someone asked me a few years back, “Amanda, where does that drive come from?”


I didn’t know the answer. 


But now I know.


It’s because I refuse to leave this earth without knowing my God-given potential. What a gift it is to play a small role in helping others reach theirs as well.


And if you are wondering how I chose Compass Business & Career Directions as my business name, here it is…


You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. - Jim Rohn

Professional Highlights
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer through PARW/CC

  • Certified Professional Career Coach through PARW/CC

  • Pro Finder Service Provider on Linkedin

  • Attendee of the 2019 PARW/CC Conference
  • Member of Boston Business Women

  • Member of the Women's Business League - East Boston

  • Master's Certificate in HR from Southern NH University

  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Salem State University

  • 10 years of experience working in the staffing Industry

  • 10 years of experience writing professional career search documents

  • Expertise in modern-day job search strategies, career search document writing, and professional branding

  • Vast knowledge of the mindset of Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and HR Business Partners

  • Served over 350 clients since launching CBCD!

  • Bilingual in Spanish and English


Tel: 617-420-2078


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