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Many of my clients describe their current circumstances

in the following ways! Can you relate?

If so, you are in the right place!

Frequently find yourself in a state of anxiety or despair when you think about your career or job search. You may also be encountering self-sabotaging thoughts such as "I am too old to compete with these younger candidates", "Companies will look down on my because I deviated from my career path", or "I am never going to find a job".

Feel lost, stuck, not sure where to start: Clients who are ready to launch a job search notice that the job search landscape has changed quite a bit since they last looking for work. They have heard about ATS-systems (or many not) and are concerned their resume will be overlooked by these tricky systems. Or maybe they have heard that Linkedin is a great tool for the job search but they are not sure how to maximize its potential. 

Have not looked for a job in several years: Many clients have not needed to search for a new job in quite some time. Some took time off to care for family, deal with a health issue, or go back to school. Other clients have been working for the same employer and are now at a place where they either are forced to find a new job due to a layoff or they are simply ready for a change. 

They need help articulating their value on paper, throughout their digital footprint, and verbally:  Clients often times know what they are great at doing but struggle with conveying their competitive differentiators and value. Why is that? For most, it is not natural for them to sell themselves, especially if they have not sought employment in many years. They are worried that even though they are qualified for positions, they are not making a strong enough case in their marketing materials. 

They are ready for a career change but not sure exactly what positions they should target: Let's face it. You are in a different place in your life therefore your career priorities may have changed. It is important to gain clarity on what roles you will not only be qualified for but which you will enjoy the most before updating your resume and applying to jobs online. Without a clear job search target, clients will miss the mark in terms of selling themselves for new opportunities.


They started applying to jobs but not getting any responses from recruiters: Not only is this frustrating and stressful, but the lack of response can make job seekers question their own greatness. There are so many factors that come into play when applying to jobs online, and ATS-systems have added to the challenges. Many job seekers refer to online applications as a black hole, rightfully so! 

How I can help you!

My primary objectives is to ensure my clients erase/manage self-sabotaging thoughts, build confidence, understand how to navigate through the modern-day digital job search. In order to set themselves apart from the competition on paper/digital footprint/while networking & interviewing, etc., it is imperative that my clients feel good on the inside. 


Unlike other resume writing services, I do not offer one-off writing services (resume only) or coaching services. Why? Because in today's competitive job market, there are no quick fixes. Believe me, I will it was that simple. But a resume alone is not a guaranteed ticket to move forward. There are many components to today's job search and it is imperative that job seekers are well prepared to face each stage. The services offered below is what will truly help job seekers move forward. Compass Business & Career Directions is truly invested in your job search success and we play more of an active role in ensuring your move forward as a result of working with us! For example, for all clients who enroll in the Job Offer Accelerator Program, we connect clients with 3 local recruiters and supporters of Compass, seeking candidates just like you! 

Core Services

The Interview Attractor Package is intended to generate more attention from hiring professionals and land more interviews based on your optimized career search documents. We design compelling, ATS-friendly resumes used to apply to jobs online as well as Graphic Resumes to wow someone you are networking with. Graphic resumes would only be sent directly via email or Linkedin Inmail. The changes we make to Linkedin profiles have also increased inMail messages from recruiters that have led to job opportunities! Clients see an increase of interview invites within 30 days. The timeline for this project is 10 business days.


Are you ready to get started? 

  1. Purchase the package based on your experience level.

  2. You will receive your service agreement via email within 24 business hours. Amanda will also include the Resume & Cover Letter Info Collector Form (details in agreement). She will need this document in order to start your project. 

Recent Grad/ Entry Level





Would you like to discuss further? Please book your free consultation.

The Job Offer Accelerator Program is intended to do just that! Accelerate Job Offers! This PROVEN program helps clients best prepare for the modern-day digital job search and develop a diversified job search strategy that leads them to their next big career opportunity.


Unlike other coaches, I play more of a hands-on role to help you land the right job as quickly as possible. Compass Career Directions has garnered support from several New England-based recruiters and clients will be promoted to recruiters based on their profession/location/experience level.


Because I have served nearly 400 clients, oftentimes, I refer new clients to old clients also!  The Interview Attractor Package is also included, ensuring that your career search marketing materials make a compelling case demonstrating that you are the best candidate for the job! Most clients land roles within 12 to 16 weeks. 

To apply or the Job Offer Accelerator Program, please book your free consultation.

The Essential Job Search Document Package is an affordable yet value-packed option. This package offers guided templates which are the same ones that I personally use for all of my clients. Although you will be crafting your documents independently, you will feel me with you each step of the way.  All job seekers seeking a job in 2021 must be equipped with all essential items below in order to make the very best first impression, beat the competition, and land more interviews (hence the name!). 

- Application Tracking Safe Resume Template

- Cover Letter Template

- Post-Interview Thank you Letter Template

- Follow up Letter to Recruiters

- Linkedin Bio Template

- Linkedin Communication Guide (12 InMail/Note Templates to leverage when networking on LI)

(All templates address how employed as well as unemployed job seekers should build these documents)

Hear from real clients who's lives have been changed!


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