At some point, you admitted to yourself that entrepreneurship keeps pulling at your ear! In 2018, I could not ignore the signs any longer. I was yearning to live life on my terms, be in control of my schedule, work wherever I wanted, do the work I was passionate about, and not be limited to how much I could earn. Sound familiar?!    


I made the decision to start a Career Coaching & Resume Writing company but didn't know how to turn my dream into a reality. As a full-time working mother, I had many concerns for myself and of course my family, wanting assurance that my business would still allow me to provide. I wanted to ensure I approached this transition in the most effective way possible so that when I did kick my 9-5 to the curb, I was already generating income equal to my corporate salary. 


Now I coach aspiring business owners who still may be working in a job,  on how to implement practical strategies that will help them transition out, the RIGHT way.  I implemented similar strategies over the course of 6 months, which allowed me to quit in January 2019. I have never looked back and although business ownership has its challenges, generating revenue and living life on my terms has not been an issue!

If you are considering entrepreneurship or recently launched your business but are struggling to make it profitable, you have come to the right place! Please check out my services below!

Are you an employee who needs guidance on becoming a full-time business owner!?

Have you launched your business are unable to  kick your job to the curb?

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✔ Guidance on making a successful transition from employee to thriving entrepreneur.  

✔ Be part of a community of other aspiring entrepreneurs or newbie-entrepreneurs to share ideas, challenges, feedback, and support

✔ Access to live trainings, resources, and strategies to build, grow, and improve your business

✔ Live discussions on not so fun business stuff! (Legalizing your business, how to obtain health insurance, tax prep, making financial decisions, bookkeeping, etc.)

✔ Weekly opportunities to promote your new business

✔ Live Q&A’s with Amanda Portillo

Before quitting your job to become a full-time business owner, review my checklist, 5 Essential Steps that Must be Completed to Lay a Strong Foundation!

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